Trail Projects

Building and maintaining the trails, pumptracks, and skills parks where the next generation of cyclists will fall in love with riding.


Build a New Trail

We all love riding bikes, but need the trails to ride them.  Start a new trail project in your community that turns you and your fellow riders into Soil Searchers, our next generation of trail builders that will create, improve, and maintain the places we love to ride.  Trails come in all shapes and sizes from short single track to epic all day adventure highways through the woods.

Maintain an Existing Trail

You have a mountain bike, check; you have a trail, check; it is in good repair….??? Here is where you can fundraise to maintain the trails that we grew up riding, making them a sustainable, self repairing part of your communities.This may not be the flashiest part of mountain bike infrastructure, but preventative maintenance and service is truly the most impactful on the longevity of a trail.

Build a Bike Skills Area

Bath Middle School, Bath, ME  has been a Riding for Focus school since 2017. Then they decided to build a pump track next to the school. This encourages cycling plus participation in opportunities for youth to ride everyday. Help support Bath Middle School to add a bikes skills park that includes skinnies, flowy loop track, and a rock garden.