OUTRIDE providing evidenced-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health.

With one in nine schoolchildren being diagnosed with ADHD, you probably already know a kid who has trouble focusing or concentrating at school because of it. Or perhaps, like the OUTRIDE founder and CEO, Mike Sinyard, you've dealt with the symptoms of it yourself? The OUTRIDE Fund exists today specifically to tackle this this issue.

OUTRIDE primary activities focus on three key areas: Research efforts proving that cycling positively impacts the way we think, feel and behave through institutional and applied research.  Riding for Focus, a school based curricular cycling program that uses cycling as a tool for young people to achieve academic, health, and social success. The Outride Fund: empowering local communities to launch a variety of youth cycling programs.

While Riding for Focus provides youth the tools necessary to become positive cycling citizens and tap into the benefits of riding a bike, we wanted to provide more opportunities for those kids to explore their newfound cycling passion. Youth Rider Development and Trail Building are two of the ways dive deeper into the world of mountain biking. We are proud to support fundraisers for NICA activities and Soil Searching projects.

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) is an American non-profit organization that promotes high school mountain biking programs in the United States. NICA provides governance, leadership, and program support to regional high school mountain biking organizations. This provides a continued riding and racing opportunity for kids in high school.

Soil Searching started as a a movement to recognize, celebrate and empower the unsung heroes mountain biking: Trail Builders. This movement is growing to help build the next generation of these trail builders by promoting trail construction and maintenance projects focused on youth involvement.

Whether your community needs a youth cycling education program, a high school race team, a new mountain bike trail, or even all three; The OUTRIDE Fund is committed to empowering our youth to harness the power of cycling.